The Key to Ensuring Lease Compliance

As a landlord, it is important that your properties are well taken-care of and your tenants are respectful in regards to the upkeep and conditions of their lease. While security background checks are certainly required and necessary to help you make a good decision in picking your tenants, there is only so much that a background check can tell you. Your tenant might be respectable, with a good financial situation and fine standing credit all-around, but are they honest? Are they clean? Will they respect the terms of the lease? How do you go about ensuring lease compliance?

The surest way to get some peace of mind, when your goal is ensuring lease compliance, is making a habit of regular property inspection. An inspection allows you as the landlord to check up on your property and make sure that there isn’t any code violation. The possible code violations could be anything from tenant-related violations to building violations your tenants may not even be aware of! There might be outstanding tenant issues that require some resolution – too many occupants in the home, an unexpected pet or type of pet in the property, subletting or Airbnb renting not permitted in the lease. Building violations may be mechanical or appliance related, or even more importantly, related to the wear of the property itself.

All in all, many aspects of the lease can be evaluated for ensuring lease compliance during an inspection. By making a habit of regular property inspection, you can stay aware of the condition of your property and stay rest assured that there in nothing to worry about.

It is important to remember, however, that nobody likes a pesky landlord! Regular inspection can be done discreetly, allowing you to evaluate the property and respect the privacy of the tenant simultaneously. This can be done when taking care of possible building violations as discussed above. You can even inform the tenant at the time that the lease is signed that regular inspections will occur to promote good behavior. Want to take an extra step? Encourage use of the Rentigo app for maintenance requests and updates as a way of letting the tenant know that the condition of your property is a top priority for you as a landlord. It’s not difficult to assure lease compliance with a little extra care.


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