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How Going Digital Can Keep Tenants Happier, Longer

Happy tenants are every property manager’s dream. Not only is a happy tenant much more pleasant to interact with on a personal level, but they are also more likely to stick around longer which positively affects the bottom line. The … Read More

Property Management DIY – Not What They Told You

Property management can be rewarding work, both personally and financially. There are, however, unexpected expenses that can pop up along the way, especially if you’re working with a property management company. The truth is property management is hard, especially if … Read More

Three Reasons to Digitize Your Property Management

Stop using three-ring binders to manage properties. In a digital world where we can host a video conference with someone a thousand miles away, it doesn’t make sense to track your property in printed spreadsheets. It’s time to go digital … Read More

Say Good-bye to Property Management Headaches

Property managers wear multiple hats in the course of their workday. They are constantly coordinating with on-site vendors, tenants, visitors, prospective tenants, and most importantly, the owners. With so many tasks to juggle, it’s not hard to imagine the endless … Read More

5 Steps You Must Take Now to Winterize your Property

We hate to be alarmists but you know as well as we do: winter is upon us! And based on the “big freeze” that started across the US earlier this month, we already know this one’s going to be tough. … Read More

Rentigo Gets an “A” for Online Property Management

You may have noticed a new icon at the bottom of our website showing that Rentigo recently received a BBB Accreditation with an A rating. As a young, rapidly growing company, we are proud to have reached this important milestone. … Read More

Why Is Rentigo Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Free Rent?

Why Is Rentigo Giving Away a Year’s Worth of Free Rent? Yes we know. A year’s worth of rent is a lot of money.   But it’s almost Christmas. And we’ve been giving away a month’s free rent since we … Read More

7 Essential Steps to Preparing Your Apartment for New Tenants

From preparing an apartment for viewings to finding and screening potential applicants, looking for a new tenant can be a difficult process. However, it doesn’t need to be as stressful as it seems. Getting the right resident is as simple … Read More

Is There Place for Bitcoin in Real Estate?

Is There Place for Bitcoin in Real Estate?   Bitcoin: You have certainly heard this word floating around in the past couple of years, but do you truly understand what it is? This article will walk you through the basics … Read More

How to Write Effective Rental Listings

At any given moment, a rental property owner looking for a tenant is competing against dozens of other owners. You even have worse odds as this ratio multiplies exponentially if your place is in a real estate hotspot. So how … Read More